Manufacturer’s recent acquisitions means more jobs in Ferndale
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Manufacturer’s recent acquisitions means more jobs in Ferndale

Jul 19, 2023

FERNDALE, Wash. — Vancouver, BC-based manufacturer, Metrie has acquired 4 businesses over the last 2 years, the most recent reported to result in 15 to 20 additional jobs at their Ferndale manufacturing facility.

The recently announced acquisition of the Hemlock and Alder manufacturing and distribution part of Fred Tebb & Sons, Inc is the fourth acquisition by Metrie in the last 2 years. it. It follows the purchase of Tinder Wholesale LLC and EL & EL Wood Products Corp in 2022 and Pacific MDF Products Inc and Canadian MDF Products Company in late 2020. Each acquisition has added complementary and expanded services to Metrie product lines.

Metrie manufactures and distributes stain grade mouldings, door jambs, handrails and finish lumber. In 2020, it was reported the Ferndale facility had over 120 employees.

The company built the Ferndale facility and moved their manufacturing operation moved into it in 1990. The company celebrated 30 years in the facility in 2020.

Metrie is a family-owned business that opened as EL Sauder Lumber Company in 1926 in downtown Vancouver, BC and continues to be owned by the Sauder family. The company was renamed Sauder Industries, Moulding and Millwork in 2003 and Metrie in 2014.

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