What you see first in this brain
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What you see first in this brain

Jun 13, 2024

THIS brain-twisting optical illusion will reveal if you're a natural-born leader - or are you loyal?

Look closely, and you might spot a carefully hidden animal.

Your brain is continually playing around with your sense of reality, according to cognitive neuroscientists.

To this end, online printing specialists Instantprint published this fun challenge - to help quiz fans work out their animal personality type.

It features brightly colored lines, and it fools your eyes when trying to see whether there is actually an animal hidden within the frame.

Instantprints reckons that if you can correctly guess the mystery creature, it could mean you're a natural born leader in the workplace.

Illusions have been used throughout history to amaze, entertain, trick, and even scare us.

But they are also a mind-boggling window into how our brain works, reported ABC News in Australia.

Mark Williams, a cognitive neuroscientist at Macquarie University in Sydney, told the broadcaster: "What we actually see or hear or feel or taste or smell isn't actually what's out there, but what we think is out there.

"Because we don't see the world as it actually is, illusions explain to us how we are creating the world we actually perceive."

Branka Spehar, a Sydney-based psychologist who studies visual perception and attention said that we sometimes can overlook the simplest of details.

"There is a gap in our perception each time we blink, each time we move our eyes," she said.

So, what creature do you see in the firm's optical illusion?

The animal carefully hidden in the above colorful image is a lion.

They are often associated with dominant personality traits - including being an ideal leader, because of their courage, strength, and confidence.

If you spotted it, it could indicate that you're a natural decision-maker.

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