Dad attacked by snake hiding on door in viral video
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Dad attacked by snake hiding on door in viral video

Aug 21, 2023



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Hiss-terical video captures the moment an unsuspecting dad was greeted by a nonvenomous rat snake — which bit him on the head as he arrived home and entered his front door.

Doorbell camera footage posted on TikTok shows the man unlocking the front door when the sneaky serpent, hiding on top of the door frame, struck.

“Snake bites Dad on Head… haha he thought he was gone,” the man’s son Stevie Haven wrote alongside the clip, which has been viewed more than 34 million times.

“I got bit! I got bit!” the dad then yells as he recoils in horror — even taking a tumble as he tries to scurry away.

Another video shows the unidentified man and his girlfriend returning home before the incident blissfully unaware as the snake lurks above the door frame.

“This was before Dad walked in haha I had too much to drink and never seen the snake. Bit his girlfriend on the head too,” Haven captioned the clip.

Haven and the woman also are seen walking up to the door and entering – oblivious to the scaley visitor above them.

“The snake is just chilling and we never knew it,” he wrote in another post.

The location of the incident wasn’t immediately known.

In Part 4 of the series, Haven shows his dad “still rubbing his head” as he searches for the cold-blooded interloper.

Rat snakes, which are not poisonous and feed on rodents, are not dangerous to humans.

However, they can get aggressive when cornered or feel threatened, according to Live Science.