TikTok Is So Into These Hula Hoop Floating Shelves—Here's How to Make Them
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TikTok Is So Into These Hula Hoop Floating Shelves—Here's How to Make Them

Jun 13, 2023

TikTok's DIY community has found ingenious ways to repurpose dollar store hula hoops, including them into trendy floating shelves.

Apparently you can do a whole lot with just two hula hoops from the Dollar Store, if you ask DIY creators on TikTok—including make trendy home decor.

TikTok has transformed the toy into versatile DIY tools: In one viral video, creators at @hometalk used two hula hoops and some spray paint to make a giant floral arrangement. In other videos, creators make centerpieces, wreaths, and cupcake stands. It’s quite obvious DIY fanatics love to work with hula hoops—and with how versatile they are, it's easy to see why.

The most recent hula hoop DIY obsession that has taken over for you pages is hula hoop shelves. It’s difficult to pinpoint the original creator because it’s been done so many times, but the DIY recipe is pretty simple.

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Simply gather two hula hoops, spray paint, some sandpaper, two wooden planks, and a screwdriver. Some crafty DIYers also use twine, primer, and wood stain, but those additional accouterments aren’t necessary.

The process starts with thoroughly cleaning and sanding the hula hoops, a crucial step that prepares the surface for the paint job. Creators then choose a spray paint color, often opting for classic shades like black, white, silver, or gold, to give the hula hoops a fresh look. Once you're satisfied with the hoops, you can get into crafting the shelves.

For the shelves' foundation, many crafters select two pieces of wooden board, which are then sanded down and stained. Once the wooden boards are ready, the hula hoops are securely attached on either side using screws, forming the structure of the shelf. The thinner, the better for the wooden planks so that nothing too heavy drags the hula hoops down. And that goes for the way you style the finished shelves, too: Avoid putting anything too heavy on them.

Given the hoops' size, they serve a dual purpose: supporting the shelf and serving as built-in design accents. To enhance durability and visual appeal, some crafters choose to wrap the hula hoops with twine or add a base at the bottom to ground the shelves.

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Complete the project by mounting the hula hoop shelves on the wall, which you can do by directly drilling them in, providing both strength and a sleek "floating" shelf appearance that eliminates the need for conventional brackets. No matter how you choose to decorate or style it, floating shelves add an aesthetically pleasing, contemporary look to any space—all for under $20.

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