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Jul 21, 2023

Hyderabad: T-Works, a prototyping centre collaborated with Vasantha group to introduce precision digital cutting equipment worth Rs 2 crores.

The initiative of the Telangana government has bought the equipment through Vasantha Group’s CSR funding programme.

T-Works partners with @VasanthaGroup, & introduces precision digital cutting equipment worth INR 2 Crores. The Swiss-made Zund Digital Cutter is capable of processing & cutting 200+ materials and has diverse applications. @KTRBRS @jayesh_ranjan @KarampuriSujai @MD_Vasantha pic.twitter.com/oVy3H2NgZE

The Swiss made, Zund precision digital cutter can process and cut over 200 materials ranging from paper, plastics, and paperboards to composite fabric materials such as glass fibre, carbon fibre, and aramid fibre to hard substrates such as MDF, wood, acrylic, ACP and aluminium, catering to a diverse array of manufacturing applications.

This digital cutter can also be used to process high-performance materials like carbon fibre sheets used in lightweight structures spanning Formula1 racing to drone components.

CEO of T-Works, Sujai Karampuri said, “The Zund digital cutter is part of our bigger plans to expand the prototyping capabilities by providing access to this sophisticated equipment which is usually captive and only accessible to big companies.”

“This enables startups, MSMEs, students, makers & innovators to build world-class products using advanced materials. Vasantha being a leader in manufacturing, this collaboration helps in validating the vision and direction of T-Works,” added Karampuri.

MD of Vasantha Group, A Dayanand Reddy said, “As a leader in plastics injection moulding solutions, we use many precision engineering technologies extensively and understand the need for such technologies to drive innovative manufacturing.”

“The Zund digital cutter will expand the range of materials used for prototyping low volumes with high precision,” Reddy said.

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