Incentives offered in Texas to replace recalled airbags
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Incentives offered in Texas to replace recalled airbags

Oct 01, 2023

Nearly a million drivers in Texas may not realize their airbags could be dangerous. The National Safety Council warns many North Texans are on the road with vehicles that have unrepaired safety recalls.

Read on for information about how to check your vehicle for open safety recalls. Some drivers can also get paid to make the repair in the next few days.

Vehicles across makes and models have been affected by long-running Takata airbag recalls. Back in 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asked several manufacturers to issue recalls over the risk of the airbags exploding in a crash. Over the years, NHTSA said defective airbags have killed 25 people in the United States and injured as many as 400.

The National Safety Council urges drivers to check their vehicles for open airbag safety recalls this summer. NHTSA has said long-term heat and humidity exposure makes the problem worse.

To find out if your vehicle has an unrepaired, recalled airbag, locate your VIN and type it into Check To Protect’s website.

You can find your 17-character VIN on the driver’s side dash or inside the driver’s side door jamb. You may also find it printed on your insurance card.

You can check NHTSA’s website for recalls as well.

Repairs are free. Consumers don’t have to go to the dealership where they bought the vehicle. Once you locate a dealership service department near you, it’s a good idea to call ahead for an appointment and confirm parts are available.

This summer, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram dealers in Texas are offering vehicle owners a $50 prepaid Mastercard for repairing their recalled Takata airbag by July 15. Carmaker Stellaris said for certain vehicles, there is no expiry.

Eddie Campbell, fixed operations director at Dodge City of McKinney, said vehicle owners can usually have the repair made within the day.

“Every summer, these airbags get worse so if you’re going to go on vacation or a summer trip, I would definitely get it done before you go on that trip to make your family safe as possible,” Campbell said.

Consumers with those vehicles must call 833-585-0144 after the airbag is repaired to claim the $50 prepaid Mastercard. The consumer will have to provide the last name of the vehicle owner, the VIN for the vehicle repaired and an email address where the electronic prepaid card can be sent.

Consumers should wait 24 hours before calling to claim the incentive. The dealer has to submit the completed repair order claim before the call center can verify the repair. Customers should keep the repair order document for their records because the call center may ask consumers to share the repair order number.

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