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Next Stop ... San Juan!

Jun 01, 2023

Congratulations!!! Avelo just open a flood gate to Paradise. Caught many travelers by surprise! Avelo made a very wise business decision. Hope it truly works out. I hope many are as excited as I am. Yessssssss!!!!!!!

Paradise/? Where? What I read about PR is what I read about New Haven; a crime-ridden place full of destitute people, with both people and government dependent on income transfers from others. a crime rate of,here is one in 26. 2021, Puerto Rico recorded,100,000 population peaked at 20.1.

Pick almost ant city, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, etc. Crime is wide spread along with drug use, domestic violence, school shootings, random shootings etc. This is the world we live in and it's getting worse, does not matter what political party is in power, morals are declining, honesty is a thing of the past, responsible parents have been replace by egg and sperm donors.So again, pick any place, any continent, any country, watch the major network evening news to see how things are worsening. It was reported 40% of people stopped watching the news, too depressing, so don't blame Tweed for the problems we all face, some just want to get away for a while, a change of scenery.

I'll pick Singapore. Or Seoul. Seriously, there are lots of cities with lower crime than New Haven or San Juan, or Puerto Rico in general.

Moving to a foreign country is big deal, the language, new laws, medical facilities, currency, etc. the larger the city, the more crime, it's a gamble anywhere.

For someone who touts air travel, you must not get out much. Singapore and Seoul are much larger than New Haven, and have much less crime. Moreover, in Singapore, nearly everyone speaks English, and the legal system is basically English, like ours. London is way bigger than Jo'berg, but has far less crime. Still, I feel safer anywhere in Seoul at any hour than I do in London or NYC. Even within the States, a lot of small mid-western cities have a lot more crime than NYC. Think East St. Louis. NOLA is small but has a ton of crime. I certainly do enjoy getting away myself, but to somewhere nice and stimulating.

It's been a few years but Italy and Portugal were great to visit and I always felt safe. Locals easy to get along with, walking Rome at night, never a problem.